Why We Are The Best

Incase you are not already aware that we are the best Role Play Community on Xbox we compiled a few reasons why we are the best.

Advanced Systems

We have a Real CAD system and a Real DMV which is used by us to make RP even more realistic for Law Enforcement and Civilians.


Our Role Plays are Balanced which ensures that Cops and Civs are both on an equal level which is realistic and enjoyable for both parties


Unlike most other Role Play Communities we are a well structured community with well structured divisions that equal great Role Play.

What is ES Roleplay ?

ES Roleplay is a community based on GTA 5 Xbox One that puts all others to shame. We promote realism and a proffesional role play environment. We are a strictly 14+ Community that ranges in age from 14 – 30.  We have over 80 members that makes sure we can role play every day. We offer the best quality of role play arround with real systems which enhance role play for everyone in our community.

Our Staff

Our Community has 5 Main Community Ranks which are given to people who show great commitment and loyalty towards the community. Our Board of Directors and Staff Team are listed below.
CzM Conquest

CzM Conquest


The Founder and Leader of ES Roleplay as well as the Sheriff of the Los Santos County Sheriff Department and the Specialist Firearms Unit


Read about what is going on in ESRP including our Recruitment and Updates on Departments