Civilian Ranks and Features

Civilian Director – The Civilian Director is the commander of all Civilian Admins and oversees the overall Operations of the Department. He also represents Civilian’s to the Board of Directors.

Lead-Admin – The Lead Admin is responsible for ensuring that the civilians are set up and manage the civilian admins as well as the overall operations of the civilian department.

Admin – Each Admin is responsible for an individual aspect of civilians and has generalised roles for every admin to do in the community.

Jr.Admin – An Admin In Training who is in probation until being promoted to Admin

Moderator – Moderators have the responsibility of enforcing basic rules within role play as well as assisting new members and settling disputes in role play.

Jr.Moderator – A New member of the Civilian Staff Team who can do all that a Moderator can except Strike. Can issue Formal Warnings.

Department Of Civilians Information

So. You wanna be a Civilian Huh? Soon enough I’ll have someone from the Civilian Admin team update this page but until then I’m afraid It will sit sort of blank.