Rank Structure in CALCOM

CALCOM Director – The CALCOM Director has overall command of CALCOM and representing the Department to the Board of Directors.

CALCOM Deputy Director – 

Operation Director – An Operation Director is responsible for the Training and Development of CALCOM members.

Operations Commander – The Operations Commander is responsible for ensuring the Attendance of CALCOM and managing Attendance of Shifts for CALCOM Members.

Dispatch Supervisor – A Dispatch Supervisor is responsible for making sure Dispatchers are performing well.

Senior Operator – A More senior Dispatcher

Operator II – An Advanced Operator with 2 Dispatch Qualifications.

Operator I – An Operator with 1 Dispatch Qualification.

Training Operator – An Operator in Training.

Department Of Communications Info

Department Info

CALCOM is an essential factor in the emergency services. They Operate Air Traffic , Emergency Services and 9/11 Calls. They handle the calls and dispatch units to the location of the caller to essentially respond to the emergency. CALCOM has control of the LSCS , LSPD , CHP and LSFD. They operate in every RP session to maximise Emergency Services Efficiency.

Department Staff

Director Vacant.

Deputy Director Vacant.

Operation Director Vacant.

Operations Command Vacant.