Donate to ES Roleplay

Donations are used for

  • Improvements to our CAD / MDT
  • Technological Advancements for RP
  • Hosting Costs and Domains
  • Funding Community Expansion

Why should you Donate ?

Donations all go straight back into making RP great and expanding the community to further levels. We have great things planned that aren’t always free and Donations assist us to run a successful community for everyone to enjoy and prosper within. Donations also help maintain our amazing Website and CAD.

Benefactor Schafter Showcase Vehicle of the Month

Donation Tier's

ESRP Prime

Prime is the First Tier of supporting ESRP. Because of the Low Cost there are Limited Perks however the Donation is greatly appreciated and still offers perks that can enhance your experience.

  • ESRP Custom Logo for You
  • ESRP Prime Tag in Discord
  • Access to Prime Chat
  • Access to Prime Emblem

Prime Plus

Prime Plus is the Second Tier and where most Perks come from. Prime Plus is Medium Cost however has In-Game Perks that are offered for no lower one time payment.

  • All Previous Perks
  • Prime Plus Tag in Discord
  • 1 More Character Per Month
  • 1 Free Monthly Vehicle (Showcase Car)


ESRP Gold is the Ultimate Donation Package which gives you the most for your money. You earn access to talk to Directors view a private channel and with donating this much cash you earn in game perks that make your experience in ES Roleplay Even better

  • Access to All Previous Perks
  • Access to All Airfields in San Andreas
  • Access to Purchase a Pilots License
  • Access to a Free Aircraft when you buy a Pilots License
  • ESRP Gold Emblem
  • 2 More Characters Per Month