Hey There, Before joining you need to read our rules and accept them at the bottom of the page by clicking the button.

Out Of RP Rules

Follow all instructions from Admins.

Do not represent the community ( Meetings etc… Recruitment is permitted )

Do not trash talk other communities

NAll members should show respect to each other.

No Disrespecting Admins / Moderators

Do not ask for ranks etc..

No Multi-Clanning – No other Role Play Communities

In Role Play Rules

No Meta-Gaming – Do not use out of Role Play information to effect in role play scenes and scenarios.

No Robo-Gaming – Do not fail to display emotion ( For example – Your at gunpoint and you magically punch the guy in the face )

No Use of Maps while moving – Do not use your map while moving in a vehicle or running on foot ( You must be 100% stationary )

Do not continuously attack a gang / individual in rp.

Do not Fail to Role Play. Be Legit

Role Play all vehicle damage.

Do not steal police vehicles unless authorised by a Law Enforcement Admin

Do not use Vehicles that are unregistered unless stolen from the street

Do not use Performance Upgrades on any vehicles

Do not use Weapons you don’t have 

Discord Rules

Do not Tag @everyone unless you are an admin

No pornography is permitted in our chat’s

Do not tag any Directors in the discord chat

Do not openly engage in arguments in the discord chat

Do not attack anyone in the chat verbally

Do not discuss Role Play issues on discord unless questioned by an admin

Do not use discord during rp to relay info ( Except actions chat )