Rank Structure in the LSCS

Department Administration

Sheriff Jason M.

Undersheriff Levi T.

Chief Deputy ??

Sheriff Colonel ??

Command Staff




Master Sergeant

Staff Sergeant


Supervisors In Training

Senior Corporal



Master Deputy

Senior Deputy

Deputy III

Deputy II


Probationary Deputy

    Los Santos County Sheriff Info

    Command Team

    Sheriff J. Michaels

    CPT T. Husky
    CPT J. Porter

    Staff Members

    General Patrol CPT. J Porter
    Specialist CPT T Husky 

    The Los Santos County Sheriff Department are responsible for the overall safety and preservation of Order in the entire state of Los Santos and are tasked with the enforcement of laws in Blaine County. The LSCS work with other agencies and take lead in the fight against major crime.

    Traffic Services Unit

    Air Support Unit

    The Los Santos County Sheriff have 3 main stations. The LSCS Operate from Paleto Bay , Sandy Shores and Davis. With the Specialist Firearms Unit based at Davis while the main general patrol division is based in Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores. The LSCS have a small area at the La Mesa station where joint with other divisions they plan and execute special operations.

    LSCS Weapons and Vehicles

    LSCS Weapons and Vehicles
    Sergeant – Carbine , Pistol .50 , Pump Shotgun , Flare Gun
    Corporal – SMG , Pistol .50 , Pump Shotgun , Flare Gun
    Officer – Pump Shotgun , Pistol .50 , Flare Gun
    Probationary Officer – Combat Pistol , Flare Gun
    SFU Agent – Pistol .50 , Flare Gun , SMG , Pump Shotgun , Carbine , Combat PDW
    LSCS Vehicles
    Lieutenant , Unmarked SUV , Unmarked Buffalo
    Sergeant – Sheriff SUV , Sheriff Crown Vic
    Deputy – Sheriff Crown Vic