Rank Structure in the LSFD

Department Administration

Fire Chief Levi T.

Deputy Fire Chief ??

Assistant Fire Chief ??

District Chief Levi T.

Battalion Chief ??

Command Staff

Fire Captain 

Fire Lieutenant 


Station Capt 

Fire Lieutenant 

Los Santos Fire Department Info

Department Aim

The LSFD aim to protect the whole of Los Santos providing support in the fight against fire and providing medical assistance to anyone in the State.

Department Stations

Station 7 – Responds to Vine Wood and Upper Mission Row

Station 6 – Responds to Davis and Lower Los Santos

Station 2 – Responds to Sandy Shores and Grape Seed

Station  3 – Responds to Paleto Bay and Surrounding Highways

Divisions of the FD

The FD has multiple Sub-Divisions of them which respond to different calls for assistance as a Side-Job for all operating Fire-Fighters.

LSFD PRU – The Paramedic Response Unit respond to calls for EMS in Ambulance’s rather than Engines and specialise in EMS.

LSFD SCU – Specialist Collisions Unit responds to vehicle crashes and large collisions including Planes and Helicopters.

LSFD Uniforms and Vehicles